sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2008

I am disappointed me

I know that disappoint
Why not have intelligence

It has not made final decisions.

Today, I unfortunate

Because I felt my daughter soon...

Within several choices

Was I who gave you this paternity

I'm to blame for the suffering my daughter

Excuse me ... and be happy again

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MarTIC@ disse...

As life goes on, we start to learn more and more about responsibility. We realize that some things we do affect some people around us. So, we want to apologize for things that have occurred.
We can understand there are some problems and we blame ourselves for the pain we've caused...
Don't blame yourself! Don't disappoint yourself! You have the strength to change things around you! Keep the faith!!!


Concha disse...

Hello Martic@

I do not want to ever be the victim of anything, I just want to say that the disillusionment that hurts today, is already for many years, today is deteriorating with age.
I do not ever quit.
I made bad choices ... is everything
I was more light and renewed
Thanks for comfort.
Kisses and a happy 2009!!!!

Zeca - Diabo disse...

Não se entende nada do que dizem em português... Então em "estrangeiro"... Fonix
Bjs do "Inferno"